Infant & Children’s Health

baby-84686_1920Challenges with your child’s sleep?

Questions about introducing solid foods to your infant?

Struggling with recurrent ear infections?

Concerned about your child’s digestive health?

Difficulty with persistent or recurring eczema?

These are all common childhood health concerns that bring families in for naturopathic care.


Our Goal: Dig down to the root cause of your child’s symptoms and address it with gentle, natural therapeutics.

Adjustments to nutrition and lifestyle habits can be challenging, but we’ll work together to develop a plan that’s manageable for you and your child to target these foundations of healing. And, we’ll discuss the herbs, nutrients and homeopathic medicines that will optimize the efficiency of the healing process.

small-83025_1280What You’ll Experience:

Our first visit focuses on information gathering – it’s a time to get to know your child and his/her health and nutritional history. We’ll wrap up this time together discussing a few basic therapeutics to spark your child’s healing process.

Follow up visits allow us to assess your child’s progress, recommend more specific therapeutics and modify the therapeutic plan to keep your child moving towards better health.

Throughout our journey together, you can count on a variety of supportive resources – recipes, tips and connections to community resources, to help you reach your goals.


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Consultation Fees*

Initial Consultation = $160

Follow Up Consultation (up to 60 min.) = $160

Follow Up Consultation (up to 30 min.) = $80

* Naturopathic services are exempt from HST and are covered under most extended health benefit plans. Check yours today!

Available Laboratory Testing for Children

IgG Food Sensitivity Test** = $311 to $400 (depending on number of foods tested)

Hair Mineral Analysis = $102

Vitamin D Blood Spot = $75

**Children must be over age three to ensure the accuracy of this test.