It’s Time for You

We live in a culture that encourages us to become human doings – completely disconnected from the experience of just Being.  Let’s face it, as women we are hard wired to care for others.

Over time, our own self care tends to fall further down on the list of priorities and it’s easy to feel guilty when we do something for ourselves.  The reality though, is without time for you to feel nourished and replenished, you’re on the expressway to exhaustion.

It’s Time For You to explore what makes you feel nourished, energized and loved.

It’s Time For You to step off that expressway to exhaustion onto your journey to health.

What You’ll Experience

Time dedicated to you.  It’s that simple. These consultations are, literally, time set aside for you.  Together, we’ll complete a full assessment of your health concerns and pull together an individualized therapeutic plan, with manageable, realistic steps for you to take amidst your busy lifestyle.

As a qualified naturopathic doctor, I am trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities that can become part of your plan:  clinical nutrition, lifestyle counseling, herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines, hydrotherapy treatments, acupuncture treatments and craniosacral therapy.

Our first visit focuses on information gathering – it’s a time for me to get to know you and get you started with a few, basic therapeutics to spark your healing process.

Our second visit focuses on nutrition – an important lifestyle factor that affects your health, everyday.  The goal is to have a basic foundation that supports your health goals.  At this time, we’ll also explore more specific therapeutics to nourish and support you.

Follow up visits, thereafter, allow us to assess your progress, modify the therapeutic plan and keep you moving towards better health.

Throughout our journey together, you can also count on a variety of supportive resources – recipes, tips and connections to community resources, to help you reach your goals.

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Consultation Fees*

Initial Consultation = $160
Follow Up Consultation (up to 60 min.) = $160
Follow Up Consultation (up to 30 min.) = $80
Acupuncture Treatment = $70
Craniosacral Therapy (60 min.) = $160

Naturopathic services are exempt from HST and are covered under most extended health benefit plans.  Check yours today!

Available Laboratory Testing

(Contact Clinique Natturra at 506-382-1560 for current testing fees.)
IgG Food Sensitivity Test
Lactulose Breath Test for SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth)
Vitamin D Blood Spot
Salivary Hormones (Hormone profiles available for adrenal health, thyroid health, women’s reproductive health & fertility.)