Taking care of you always falls to the bottom of the priority list but you know in your heart that optimizing your health will provide you with the energy you need for all of your roles: mother, partner, co-worker, friend.

You are a woman preparing for pregnancy and motherhood and you wonder if you are doing everything you can to ensure healthy fertility, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

You are a mother of young children and often ask yourself if you’re being the kind of mom you want to be – patient, supportive, positive.

You are a woman at a time of transition and transformation.  You’re at that place of struggle between letting go of what was and embracing what’s to come. 

You feel overwhelmed and depleted by the busy-ness of life.  You are giving your time and energy and you feel exhausted and without time for yourself.

You’ve explored the variety of information in books and online and end up with more questions:  How does this apply to me?  How will I find the time to do these healthy things?  Am I making the right choices for my family’s health?  How do I balance taking care of myself and taking care of my family?

Together, we’ll take a natural approach to health that supports you, as a whole person – body mind and spirit.  You’ve witnessed the wisdom of nature as it guides the seed to grow and the tides to flow.  Let’s reconnect with that wisdom to guide you on your journey to health.

Together, we’ll look at health challenges in new ways and I’ll support you in actively participating in your health. 

Together, we’ll create an individualized therapeutic plan consisting of gentle, natural solutions to your health concerns – solutions that make sense.

It’s Time for You.

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