Lactation consultants are the most highly trained health care professionals in breastfeeding ~ providing education and supporting families facing a variety of challenges.

IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) are required to obtain a specific level of education and experience in lactation and are certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners® (IBLCE®).

Breastfeeding & Mothering Support Consultations with Dr. Sarah integrate lactation consulting and her extensive experience support maternal-infant health through naturopathic medicine. They are available prenatally and after your baby arrives ~ via House Call, in the comfort of your own home, in the Greater Moncton, Shediac & Sackville areas.

What to Expect

Prenatal Breastfeeding & Mothering Support Consultations

During pregnancy, your body instinctively moves through a variety of changes in order to prepare for breastfeeding your baby.

Prenatal breastfeeding & mothering support consultations are an integration of lactation consulting & naturopathic medicine, providing:

  • a review of your health & reproductive history
  • a review of the progression of your pregnancy & how you’ve been feeling ~ mind, body & spirit.
  • discussion about the preparations your body is making for labour, birth & breastfeeding
  • a breast exam
  • support in setting your infant feeding & mothering intention(s)
  • preparation for the early days after baby’s arrival (feeding cues, how to tell when baby is getting enough milk, optimizing milk supply, minimizing challenges & knowing when to reach out for help)
  • discussion about normal infant sleep in the early days & week

Postpartum Breastfeeding & Mothering Support Consultations

Your little one has arrived and amidst the excitement of settling in with your new bundle, questions and challenges often arise:

Breastfeeding started alright in the hospital, why is it so uncomfortable now?

Baby is waking frequently through the night & sleeping a lot through the day ~ are her days & nights mixed up?

Baby isn’t pooping as regularly as I thought he would & his poop looks strange ~ what’s healthy?

I’m noticing daily shifts in my mood ~ some days are good, other days, I just don’t want to get out of bed.

New health concerns have popped up (or previous health concerns have gotten worse) since baby arrived.

There are so many choices I need to make for Baby & so much information out there, how do I make the right choice?

While it’s a natural process, breastfeeding doesn’t always come easy. Moms and babies do a lot of learning in the early days & weeks, determining what works best for them.

Postpartum breastfeeding & mothering support consultations also integrate lactation consulting & naturopathic medicine, providing:

  • observation & guidance around optimal positioning, latch & feeding behaviours
  • assessing, navigating & resolving feeding challenges
  • discussion about sleep & how it’s going for mom & baby
  • discussion about postpartum mood & energy
  • preparation for solid food introduction when baby is showing signs of readiness
  • discussion about support resources & referrals when needed

Consultation Fees

As a result of Dr. Sarah’s dual designation as a lactation consultant & naturopathic doctor & the natural, whole person approach to your assessment & care, breastfeeding consultations with Dr. Sarah are covered by many extended health benefit plans, under naturopathic services.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Consultations

Initial Consultation: $160
60 Minute Follow-up: $160
30 Minute Follow-up: $80


Postpartum Breastfeeding Consultations

Initial Mom & Baby Visit (90 minutes): $240
(For extended health benefits, this amount is split between mom & baby)

Follow-up Mom & Baby Visit (60 minutes): $160
(For extended health benefits, this amount is split between mom & baby)

When booking a postpartum session, please book it in your name & include the name & age of your baby in the booking details.