Summertime Breastfeeding: A hot, sticky affair!

When the weather is hot and humid, breastfeeding can be uncomfortable for mama and baby. 
And, mamas often wonder if breastfeeding is enough to keep baby hydrated.
For little ones under six months, breastmilk contains all the hydration baby needs.  You may find baby wants to nurse more often, for shorter […]

Natural Summer: A Brief Guide to Bug Bite & Sun Protection

Summer is here! A favourite season for many, it presents some unique conditions for our bodies to experience, including a variety of insects that enjoy their yearly human feast and the increasing heat of the sun. As a result, the necessity for both bug bite and sun protection is greatly […]

It’s All Up to Me

Breastfeeding an infant can often come with feelings of pressure, overwhelm and loneliness – it’s a steep learning curve and no one else can breastfeed your baby but you…

It’s Spring. A season of birdsong, tulips…and ticks!

The warmth of spring is on the way.
There’s more birdsong in the air.
The tulips and crocuses will soon be poking through the earth.
And the bugs are on their way!
Historically, we thought of these little critters mostly as pests. Mosquitoes and black flies leave behind their itchy, swollen bites. Fruit flies […]

Dear Either-Or, I Quit.

I’m no longer available for us OR them, this OR that, right OR wrong. I want both us AND them, this AND that, right AND wrong.

I want more grey. More nuance. More love. More of the individuality, sovereignty and uniqueness that every human contributes to a robust, healthy, collaborative […]

A Guide to Nausea in Pregnancy (AKA Morning Sickness)

I recently did a guest blog in collaboration with Treehouse focusing on nausea in pregnancy:

potential causessupportive nutritionadditional natural remedies to explore &tips for partners & support people

If you or someone you know is experiencing nausea in pregnancy, head over to the Treehouse blog for the full guide or book an […]

Matrescence: The Birth of a Mother

Matrescence. Have you heard this term? It’s one that deserves much more presence in our conversations & learning about mothering & motherhood. And, similarly to many other areas of women’s health it deserves much more recognition & investment in research.

Like adolescence, matrescence is the significant developmental transition experienced when we […]