This series of group programs includes sessions for pregnant women, preparing for breastfeeding and others for new mamas looking for additional support with breastfeeding, infant nutrition and maintaining their own health during the early years of mothering. All of them aim to ease stress & overwhelm, so you can focus on being the mama that you want to be. Connect with me on Facebook for updates on scheduled sessions.

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Workshop Session Summaries

For Pregnant Mamas

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class: Breastfeeding provides infants with so much more than nutrition ~ it’s nourishment for optimal health & development, supporting connection with the breastfeeding parent, immune support & digestive support.

While a natural process (guided by inborn instincts), breastfeeding isn’t always easy. There’s a lot of learning for parents & babies.

Join me for this prenatal breastfeeding class & begin your learning before your baby arrives. We’ll be covering:

  • Breastmilk Production Basics
  • Feeding Positions & Healthy Latch
  • Signs of Milk Transfer (AKA how to know baby is getting enough!)
  • Growth spurts & cluster feeding
  • Common concerns + steps to address them
  • The Three Part Breath: A practice for bringing calm & focus to the present moment (milk making works best when we’re feeling calm & relaxed)

For New Mamas – whether for the 1st, 2nd or 5th time! Infants welcome at all sessions.

Mothering Resilience: Becoming a mother is a total identity shift – a transition like no other, for body, mind & spirit – that continues well beyond bringing a baby home.

In a culture where this process isn’t celebrated & supported like it once was, we often rush & push to ‘get back to normal’. Instead of feeling well, we feel frustrated, disconnected, exhausted, lost. We discover that the ways we were taking care of ourselves before baby’s arrival, don’t fit well into life as a mother ~ quiet time for snuggling in a favourite chair with a good book, meditating, having a hot bath (alone!) or heading out to a favourite yoga or fitness class just doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

This workshop session invites you to pause. We’ll explore & experience simple self care practices you can begin to easily integrate into your day & build your own resilience as a mother.

It’s time to move YOU to the top of your list & discover your new version of self care as a mother, so you feel more calm, confident & connected, every day.

Let’s Talk About Food, Baby: Solid Foods & Baby Led Weaning. Solid food introduction is an exciting time for families and one that often comes with a lot of questions. In this session we discuss readiness for solid foods, healthy first foods, the baby led weaning approach to food introduction, common concerns parents have while introducing solid foods & their solutions & recipes the whole family will enjoy.

Normal Infant Sleep & Nighttime Parenting

Infant sleep is one of the most talked about & written about topics in parenting. The amount of information can be overwhelming & exhausting. And, unfortunately much of it is not based on research or infant development & can be very misleading to exhausted parents.

Through my own experience of mothering through the exhaustion of those early weeks & months, I learned a lot about what’s normal for infant sleep as little ones continue to grow & develop through their first year of life as well as ways I could nourish & support myself so the sleep deprivation didn’t feel so depleting. As a health care provider, I’ve dug further into the good quality information & research that’s currently available.

Now, my goal is to pass that wisdom on to pregnant & new mothers.

This session will focus on:

  • dispelling common infant sleep myths
  • giving you a clearer understanding of what normal infant sleep looks like (how it develops & what influences it)
  • understanding when additional assessment and support is needed from a health care provider and
  • providing you with strategies for maintaining your health and energy through your baby’s first year

Back to Work & Breastfeeding: To Wean or Not to Wean?  The transition back to work after having a baby can feel so challenging – physically, mentally & emotionally. Continued breastfeeding upon your return to work can be supportive for you & your baby. In this session we discuss the benefits of continued breastfeeding through the transition back to work, support for balancing work & breastfeeding & creating your back to work & breastfeeding plan.

Individual sessions on these topics – for a Mama & one support person – are available. Contact me to arrange a time.

Prefer a private group session? Know other Mamas who’d be interested?

I’m happy to provide the sessions in your home, for groups of five or more. 

Contact me to express your interest.
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