Prenatal Consultations

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What to Expect

During pregnancy, your body instinctively moves through a variety of changes in order to prepare for breastfeeding your baby.

Prenatal breastfeeding & mothering support consultations are an integration of lactation consulting & naturopathic medicine, providing:

  • a review of your health & reproductive history
  • a review of the progression of your pregnancy & how you’ve been feeling ~ mind, body & spirit.
  • discussion about the preparations your body is making for labour, birth & breastfeeding
  • a breast exam
  • support in setting your infant feeding & mothering intention(s)
  • preparation for the early days after baby’s arrival (feeding cues, how to tell when baby is getting enough milk, optimizing milk supply, minimizing challenges & knowing when to reach out for help)
  • discussion about normal infant sleep in the early days & week
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Consultation Fees

As a result of my dual designation as a lactation consultant & naturopathic doctor & the natural, whole person approach to your assessment & care, these consultations are covered by many extended health benefit plans, under naturopathic services.

Initial Consultation: $160
60 Minute Follow-up: $160
30 Minute Follow-up: $80

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