Eczema: Natural Solutions Beyond the Skin

Eczema, AKA “the itch that rashes” and “atopic dermatitis”,
is an inflammatory skin condition that affects individuals of all ages.

For many, it begins in childhood and it can be both physically and mentally uncomfortable – itchy, painful, embarrassing. And, when the skin breaks, one of the body’s natural barriers is lost and there is an increased risk of infection.


Our family has been there. Within the first months after Emery’s arrival, he had his first experience with eczema – dry, red, itchy and uncomfortable.

Common conventional medical treatments focus on the skin – thick moisturizers to relieve dryness and itch, hydrocortisone cream to reduce inflammation at the site. These medications are great for providing relief – unfortunately, for many, that relief is often short lived and incomplete. And, I’ve had many patients notice that when their creams run out, the eczema returns.

Why? The underlying cause of the condition has not been addressed.

From a naturopathic perspective symptoms on the skin reflect an  imbalance or irritation, deeper in the body.

Often, the solutions to relieving eczema are found beyond the skin.

Together, we explore your entire health history, including the health of your digestive system and liver, as well as the balance of your immune system.

It’s also important to explore the possibility that stress, certain foods, personal care products and household products may be triggering or aggravating the inflammation on your skin.

For infants and young children, labour and birth interventions and early feeding highly influence their susceptibility to eczema.


All of these factors contribute to a very individualized assessment and therapeutic plan.

What was beneath Emery’s first experiences with eczema?

He’d arrived in this world through an urgent Cesarean surgery – complete with Mama having antibiotics before, during and after the surgery – those labour and birth interventions very likely influenced his digestive system, especially the establishment of the natural bacterial culture. And, alterations in the balance of gut bacteria have been associated with increased risk of allergic inflammations, like eczema.


And, though Emery had been exclusively breastfeeding since birth, we discovered that I was eating foods that his body was intolerant to, triggering an inflammatory irritation on his skin.

Healthy nutrition and lifestyle modifications provide the foundation to every therapeutic plan – taking care of eliminating food and chemical irritants involved in the inflammatory irritation on the skin.

I know how challenging these modifications can be – I’ve made them myself. along the way – for my health and for Emery’s – that’s why I ensure that you have the support and resources you need to be successful – alternative foods, recipes, natural body care and cleaning products.

Other therapeutic tools – a combination of nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines and hydrotherapy – may also be recommended to support the healing process for all body systems playing a role.

Ready to explore and address the root cause of the eczema you or your child is experiencing?

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