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Referral Form for Lactation Support Services – Fillable PDF

Private virtual consultations are available for Canadian residents via secure telehealth platform.

Private house call consultations are available for residents in many communities in southeastern New Brunswick.

Consultations for New Brunswick residents are covered by many extended health benefit plans under ‘naturopath’.

Private & Group Services – Information Sheet with Positioning & Latch Checklist and Smoothie Recipe

This information sheet outlines services offered by Sarah Hardy Walsh, ND IBCLC and includes a breastfeeding position & latch checklist, along with a smoothie recipe.

Feeding & Output Tracker – Printable

Parents can use this printable daily tracker to record details about feeding, urine output & stool output.

Contraception & Breastfeeding – Information Sheet

This information sheet outlines contraception options for breastfeeding mothers, including effectiveness, advantages, disadvantages & potential impact on breastfeeding.

Addressing Blocked Ducts & Engorgement

This information sheet focuses on common recommendations for relieving blocked ducts & engorgement. In cases of recurrent blocked ducts & chronic engorgement, assessment of latch & positioning with a lactation consultant is ideal to discern potential underlying causes.

Postpartum Support Workbook & Mood Tracker

Parents can use this workbook to explore who their support people currently are, who they would benefit from adding to their support team, as well as what brings them calm & comfort. It also includes a 3-month mood tracker so they & their support people have an additional indicator of when further professional help is needed.

New Brunswick – Additional Local Breastfeeding Support Resources

Provincial listing for breastfeeding support services by region.

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