It’s Time to Feel More Rested & Relaxed

The transition to spring brings an energy of newness and creates a beautiful time for us to begin practices that will nourish and sustain us throughout the coming months.
As a self employed Mama, I’ve consistently struggled with making myself a priority, amidst the demands of work, mothering & Life. And, […]

Back to Work & Breastfeeding: Easing the Transition

Your breastfeeding relationship doesn’t need to end as you prepare to return to work. In fact, there are so many benefits to continued breastfeeding, including immune and nutritional support for Baby and being a source of bonding and reconnection for you and Baby, after time apart.
In Nova Scotia and many […]

The Muscle of the Soul & A True Foundation of Health

I am in awe.
I am in awe of a pair of muscles and their influence on our overall health as women.
The psoas muscles are large muscles that traverse the physical core of our bodies – at one end attaching to the twelfth rib and all of the lumbar (lower back) […]

Wisdom From Our Little Ones: Celebrating a Year of Mothering

This week our family celebrates Emery’s first birthday – a milestone in his life and on my mothering journey. As I reflect on the ups and downs and the twists and turns of the past year, I’m reminded of all of the wisdom gained from the beginning of this journey. […]

Meal Time Meditation

Reduce Stress. Improve Digestion. Calm the Mind.
Incorporate meditation into your day-to-day routine, by including it as part of your meal time routine. Too often, we rush through our meals, just as we rush through other aspects of our lives. And, rushing a meal, perpetuates the stress response and reduces the […]

The Healing Breath

Mother Nature provided you with the gift of healthy breathing when you came into this world.  At that time and through many other times in your life, you used a thin muscle between your chest and abdomen, the diaphragm, to breathe.
This healthy breathing pattern has been interupted whenever you’ve experienced chronic stress.  Stress – physical, mental-emotional and/or […]

Breathe Some Relaxation Into Your Day

Are You Breathing?  “Of course I’m breathing”, you reply, “I’m alive aren’t I?”  Perhaps a more complete question would be: Are you breathing healthfully?  All too often, people spend their days in a distressed state of existence, complete with shallow, rapid breathing.  The results of poor breathing can be very […]

How Toxic Are You?: The Basics of Natural Detoxification

Spring is on it’s way and with this season of new growth and renewal, we tend to focus a lot of our energy on spring cleaning.  In winter, our modern world dictates a season of over consumption.  We eat and drink our way through over commercialized holidays: Christmas, Valentine’s, St. […]