Kids & Colds & Coughs…Oh My!

‘Tis the season. And this year, it seems like many of the cold bugs are heading right for the lungs and triggering some nasty coughs. Contrary to what many may think, a naturopathic doctor’s home is not completely immune to these bugs. In fact, our little guy’s immune system is […]

Warming Socks: Essential Tool Fighting a Cold

Battling a head cold? Sinus congestion, nasal congestion and/or chest congestion keeping you from getting a good night sleep? Remember to keep Warming Socks (Magic Socks for kids!) in your cold season tool kit! They’re helpful for everyone in the family…infants to elders.
Pair of thin cotton ankle socks
Pair of thick […]

How Toxic Are You?: The Basics of Natural Detoxification

Spring is on it’s way and with this season of new growth and renewal, we tend to focus a lot of our energy on spring cleaning.  In winter, our modern world dictates a season of over consumption.  We eat and drink our way through over commercialized holidays: Christmas, Valentine’s, St. […]

The Cold & Flu Bugs Are Winning: Now What?

In November, we discussed nutrition for boosting your immune system to prevent colds and flus, the how to set up your defenses.  So what happens when the bugs win and you start to feel a cold coming on?  Here are a few additional tips that I often provide to my […]