Six Ways to (Safely) Love Your Immune System During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Your best
defense during the time of year when cold bugs are common is prevention. Nutrition
& lifestyle practices that you integrate into your daily or weekly habits
have a significant impact on your immune health.

Here are my top six pregnancy & breastfeeding safe recommendations for loving your immune system:

1. Hand Hygiene to […]

Fever…The Five Letter F-word.

Fever. It’s the five letter F-word that brings fear and worry to many parents.

There are a lot of myths and misinformation out there about fevers in kids.
Let’s dispel the top three today:
Myth #1: Fever is harmful for children.
Truth: Fever (an increase in the body’s temperature above 99.4F or 37.4C) is […]

Eczema: Natural Solutions Beyond the Skin

Eczema, AKA “the itch that rashes” and “atopic dermatitis”,
is an inflammatory skin condition that affects individuals of all ages.
For many, it begins in childhood and it can be both physically and mentally uncomfortable – itchy, painful, embarrassing. And, when the skin breaks, one of the body’s natural barriers is […]

Kids & Colds & Coughs…Oh My!

‘Tis the season. And this year, it seems like many of the cold bugs are heading right for the lungs and triggering some nasty coughs. Contrary to what many may think, a naturopathic doctor’s home is not completely immune to these bugs. In fact, our little guy’s immune system is […]

Homemade Natural Cough & Cold Syrup

Who It’s For: individuals with sore throat and/or dry cough
Who It’s Not For: children under age 1, individuals with a wet/productive cough (if there’s phlegm, your body needs to release it & we don’t want to suppress that process), individuals with allergies to any of the ingredients

1 Organic Lemon, sliced and […]

Warming Socks: Essential Tool Fighting a Cold

Battling a head cold? Sinus congestion, nasal congestion and/or chest congestion keeping you from getting a good night sleep? Remember to keep Warming Socks (Magic Socks for kids!) in your cold season tool kit! They’re helpful for everyone in the family…infants to elders.
Pair of thin cotton ankle socks
Pair of thick […]

The Cold & Flu Battle: Are Your Defenses Armed?

‘Tis the season…not only for sleigh bells to start ringing…but for those cold and flu bugs to start their annual attack!  With the cold weather on its way, we tend to stay indoors more and more, with less natural ventilation and an increased exposure to the bugs from others around […]