We Started Solids & Baby’s Not Pooping!

Solid food introduction is a very exciting time – for You and for Baby.
It’s also a common time for Mamas to notice a change in Baby’s digestion.
We often expect the change in poop – consistency (thicker!), colour and content (hello tiny food chunks!) – delightful! What we don’t expect […]

Into The Unknown With Confidence: The wisdom of mothering.

Growing up, I learned about planning – a tool that created structure on the path into the unknown, towards my goals and dreams.
In order to succeed, in order to reach a goal, I must learn everything I can about the steps required to reach it. I must lay out a […]

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Sleep Regression: It doesn’t exist.

There. I said it. Sleep regression does not exist.
I hear that term often from moms – in my office, at the mothering support group I facilitate, on social media – and it has never sat well with me.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines regression as “A return to a former or less developed state”.
In all of […]

Fever…The Five Letter F-word.

Fever. It’s the five letter F-word that brings fear and worry to many parents.

There are a lot of myths and misinformation out there about fevers in kids.
Let’s dispel the top three today:
Myth #1: Fever is harmful for children.
Truth: Fever (an increase in the body’s temperature above 99.4F or 37.4C) is […]

The Tree of Vitality: An illustration of the naturopathic approach.

I created the Tree of Vitality based on a drawing in a very old naturopathic text.
It illustrates how our individual environment (terrain) and the interconnections between our body systems influence our health, energy and vitality.
Through group programs and individual consultations, I provide you with the tools to ensure the foundations of your […]

Eczema: Natural Solutions Beyond the Skin

Eczema, AKA “the itch that rashes” and “atopic dermatitis”,
is an inflammatory skin condition that affects individuals of all ages.
For many, it begins in childhood and it can be both physically and mentally uncomfortable – itchy, painful, embarrassing. And, when the skin breaks, one of the body’s natural barriers is […]

Kids & Colds & Coughs…Oh My!

‘Tis the season. And this year, it seems like many of the cold bugs are heading right for the lungs and triggering some nasty coughs. Contrary to what many may think, a naturopathic doctor’s home is not completely immune to these bugs. In fact, our little guy’s immune system is […]

Dr. Sarah’s Dairy Free Hot Cocoa

Hot beverages can feel so soothing amidst a cold wet winter. If you’re craving a (dairy-free) chocolately treat, bypass the milk, sugar and calorie packed commercial options, with this simple and delicious alternative.
3/4 cup boiled water
1 tsp (organic) cocoa powder
1 tsp natural maple syrup
1/4 cup almond milk (plain/natural)
While your kettle […]

Homemade Natural Cough & Cold Syrup

Who It’s For: individuals with sore throat and/or dry cough
Who It’s Not For: children under age 1, individuals with a wet/productive cough (if there’s phlegm, your body needs to release it & we don’t want to suppress that process), individuals with allergies to any of the ingredients

1 Organic Lemon, sliced and […]