We Started Solids & Baby’s Not Pooping!

Solid food introduction is a very exciting time – for You and for Baby.
It’s also a common time for Mamas to notice a change in Baby’s digestion.
We often expect the change in poop – consistency (thicker!), colour and content (hello tiny food chunks!) – delightful! What we don’t expect […]

Got milk? Making the dairy-free transition easier.

Many people I see in the clinic are dairy intolerant.
In fact, it is the most common food intolerance.
Why? The simplest answer is that our bodies were built to digest human milk, as young children. And, beginning around age two, our ability to digest milk & milk products naturally […]

Kids & Colds & Coughs…Oh My!

‘Tis the season. And this year, it seems like many of the cold bugs are heading right for the lungs and triggering some nasty coughs. Contrary to what many may think, a naturopathic doctor’s home is not completely immune to these bugs. In fact, our little guy’s immune system is […]

Dr. Sarah’s Dairy Free Hot Cocoa

Hot beverages can feel so soothing amidst a cold wet winter. If you’re craving a (dairy-free) chocolately treat, bypass the milk, sugar and calorie packed commercial options, with this simple and delicious alternative.
3/4 cup boiled water
1 tsp (organic) cocoa powder
1 tsp natural maple syrup
1/4 cup almond milk (plain/natural)
While your kettle […]

Meal Time Meditation

Reduce Stress. Improve Digestion. Calm the Mind.
Incorporate meditation into your day-to-day routine, by including it as part of your meal time routine. Too often, we rush through our meals, just as we rush through other aspects of our lives. And, rushing a meal, perpetuates the stress response and reduces the […]

The Cold & Flu Bugs Are Winning: Now What?

In November, we discussed nutrition for boosting your immune system to prevent colds and flus, the how to set up your defenses.  So what happens when the bugs win and you start to feel a cold coming on?  Here are a few additional tips that I often provide to my […]

The Cold & Flu Battle: Are Your Defenses Armed?

‘Tis the season…not only for sleigh bells to start ringing…but for those cold and flu bugs to start their annual attack!  With the cold weather on its way, we tend to stay indoors more and more, with less natural ventilation and an increased exposure to the bugs from others around […]