Well Rooted Mama

Life is filled with new experiences that often leave us wondering: Is that normal? What do I do? What’s the next step?

It’s so easy to access loads of information, from experts and others – it can be overwhelming – how do you decide what’s right?

No matter the situation…

  • you’re feeling exhausted and overwhelmed
  • breastfeeding is harder than you expected
  • a new symptom has popped up
  • baby’s not sleeping as well as he was…

…the key is uncovering reliable and relevant information, and, before taking action, pausing for a few moments to check in with your heart and ask – what’s right for us?

There are many approaches to life, health and parenting and many solutions to the challenges that come your way – find the one that feels right for your family.

The Well Rooted Mama Collective is focused on cultivating the experience of informed, intuitive mothering.

It’s about providing you with solid, reliable information about and support for (re)connecting with your own inner wisdom, so you have the opportunity to combine outer knowledge and inner knowing and feel confident in the choices you make for your family.

The Well Rooted Mama Collective nourishes community.

We recognize that mothering was never meant to be done in isolation & we’re committed to cultivating a village of support in a culture that too often dismisses its importance. When we come together & hold space for one another, we increase every person’s capacity to learn, grow & heal.

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As part of the Well Rooted Mama Collective, members receive access to a variety of nourishing resources:

Mothering Resilience: Tools & Practices for Cultivating Calm & Connecting with Inner Wisdom (your most reliable guide on this mothering journey!)

The Collective: A private online community for nourishing connection with one another.

Monthly Coaching Circles: An opportunity of us to gather to share experiences, ask questions & integrate what we’re learning & exploring.

Videos, Guided Practices, Recipes & Other Resources focused on four main areas: Family Nutrition, Transition to Motherhood, Breastfeeding & Infant Sleep.

Monthly Masterclasses with Maternal Infant Health Experts to deepen our learning from reliable resources.

Join us as a Founding Member & access a growing library of resources, including a unique, online village, right now!

ANNUAL FOUNDING MEMBER (45% off regular monthly fee)MONTHLY FOUNDING MEMBER (33% off regular monthly fee)