Well Rooted Mama

Natural Health and Lactation Care to Support Your Unique Mothering Journey

Life is filled with new experiences that often leave us wondering: Is that normal? What do I do? What’s the next step?

It’s so easy to access loads of information, from experts and others – it can be overwhelming – how do you decide what’s right?

No matter the situation…

  • you’re feeling exhausted and overwhelmed
  • breastfeeding is harder than you expected
  • a new symptom has popped up
  • baby’s not sleeping as well as he was…

…the key is uncovering reliable and relevant information, and, before taking action, pausing for a few moments to check in with your heart and ask – what’s right for us?

There are many approaches to life, health and parenting and many solutions to the challenges that come your way – find the one that feels right for your family.

Om Mama Health is about informed, intuitive mothering.

It’s about providing you with solid, reliable information and support for (re)connecting with your own inner wisdom, so you have the opportunity to combine outer knowledge and inner wisdom and feel confident in the choices you make for your family.

Receive mama-to-mama support, in person, during 1:1 consultations & group workshops or at the Breastfeeding & Mothering Support Drop-In Sessions. Virtual consultations are also available.

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