Oh Sh*t! Baby Kit – Shop Local, Zero Waste Edition

Have you heard of these handy kits? Created for new parents to leave in the car, these DIY packages contain everything that may be needed when the diaper bag is forgotten at home, there are fewer resources in it than usual or you end up needing more than you thought you’d need.

Like most new parents, I’ve been there…

Out for errands – feeling accomplished in what we’re getting done – then discovering the diaper bag I’d grabbed on the way out the door hadn’t been replenished with key necessities like clean diapers and wipes.

Out at a play group and baby has two giant poo-splosions in a row (How to they do that? How do little bodies make so much poop?) and I’ve run out of clean clothes for baby and for me!

Had I known about the Oh Sh*t! Baby Kits back then, I’d most definitely have packed one for the car. It’s been just recently I’ve learned about them. Most of the kits I’ve read about have contained disposable, single use items, packed in an extra large ziploc bag – handy but potential sources for extra, unneeded waste. With many families shifting to greener lifestyles, while trying to minimize consumption of single use products, I thought I’d visit some local shops to help you put together a Shop Local, Zero Waste Edition of the Oh Sh*t! Baby Kit:

Necessities for Your Zero Waste Kit:

Colibri Wet Bag: This made in Canada wet bag is a great product to begin with. Ditch with extra large ziploc bag & pack all of your Oh Sh*t! Baby Kit inside this sturdy, zippered, water resistant bag. Pack an extra one inside your kit to double as a change pad & to tuck soiled cloth diapers, wipes & clothes into, to take home for the laundry. Available locally at Sequoia Downtown.

Cloth Diapers: A necessity for any Oh Sh*t! Baby Kit – diapers! Usually kits are made with a few different sizes of disposable diapers included. Pop a couple of these adjustable beauties into your kit & you’re covered. Easy Peasies Cloth Diapers (pictured here) are available locally at Close to the Heart.

Lily Pads Reuseable Products: These fantastic locally made products cover three areas of necessity – All Purpose Cloth Napkins double as wipes (in combo with the spray bottle below!), Cloth Nursing Pads & Mama Cloth reuseable menstrual pads. Feel prepared when your nursing pads fill sooner than expected or when your period catches you by surprise. All are available directly from Lily Pads Etsy store & Close to the Heart. Mama Cloth is also available at Sequoia Downtown.

4 Ounce Spray Bottle: Fill with water or a homemade wipes solution for spraying wipes as needed. Available locally at Sequoia Downtown.

A simple 3-ingredient solution that we loved when cloth diapering our son includes 3.5 ounces of water, 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil or fractionated coconut oil & 1/2 teaspoon castile soap. Sometimes I’d also add a drop or two of lavender or tea tree essential oils. If you’re including them, be sure you’ve found high quality essential oil products.

Change of Clothes: A couple of sizes of onesies or outfit changes for baby & a clean t-shirt for Mama are definitely two necessities for the Oh Sh*t! Baby Kit.

These are a few options available at Close to the Heart. You could also use hand-me-downs or other items that were gifted to you & babe.

Teether/Toy/Book: Whether your little one is teething or you need something to distract her during a diaper change, a toy like this Dino Teether is a great option to include in your kit. Found locally at Close to the Heart.

Colibri Snack Bag + Life Factory Glass Beverage Bottle: Keep a snack & beverage in your kit for Mama with these great, reuseable options. Too often when we’re preparing to leave the house with a little one, we forget what WE might need. Fill a snack bag (available locally at Sequoia Downtown & Close to the Heart) with (bulk) trail mix for a healthy, tummy filling on-the-go option. And, this 9-ounce glass bottle from Life Factory is a great size for tucking into your kit, without taking up loads of space. Pick one up locally at Sequoia Downtown & keep it filled with filtered water.

Optional (Zero / Low Waste) Add-Ons:

Anointment Baby Balm + Baby Powder: Locally made in Sackville, NB, these products are both gentle & effective. Baby Balm contains a beautiful combination of herbs that soothe, protect & moisturize the skin. It can be used on baby’s bottom during diaper changes or to soothe dryness or mild skin irritation. The talc-free Baby Powder contains a combination of moisture absorbing powders & soothing herbs. Another great option for diaper changes or use on other areas of skin that are irritated by moisture (ie: a little munchkin’s beautiful chin & neck rolls where drool sneaks in!). Both products are available locally on the Anointment online shop & Sequoia Downtown. Baby Balm is also available at Close to the Heart.

Natural Sunscreen: Depending on the time of year, adding sunscreen to your kit will keep it handy, no matter where you go. There are a variety of natural sunscreens available locally at Close to the Heart & Sequoia Downtown. Most are recommended for use on anyone in the family who is 6 months and older. When you’re planning to be outdoors in the sunshine with a younger infant, consider a UV tent, full length UV suit & a wide brimmed hat. While the tent won’t fit in the kit, an extra UV suit & hat could be included. (For more on healthy sunscreen options for the family, check out the EWG’s annual sunscreen guide.)

Keep It Stocked!

An important reminder – after each Oh Sh*t! moment, when your kit comes in handy, restock whatever is used – clean cloth diaper, clean wipes, clean clothes, fresh snacks – so it’s ready when you need it again!

Local Resources

For this post, I tried to keep it simple for local shopping, so you aren’t running all over the Greater Moncton Area for items. That said, there are some other great local shops that you can explore to find items for your zero/low waste Oh Sh*t! Baby Kit:

Corn Crib (Dieppe & Moncton)
Lollipops & Gumdrops
MacArthur’s Market
Sequoia Dieppe
Sequoia Trinity

Not in the Moncton, New Brunswick area? Check out the shops in your community who carry products for infants & their parents, along with your local health food store, for these or similar items.